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Racing products

We manufacture transmission products to various racing series. Majority of our products are readily available for fast delivery. In addition we offer repair and service to all our products.

Products available for fast delivery:

  • Locking differentials and spare parts:
    • Rear-wheel drive: Volvo, BMW, Toyota, MB, Ford, VW
    • Front-wheel drive: Opel, Ford, Honda, Saab
    • 4WD: Audi, Ford, Volvo
  • Gear boxes, gear sets, spare parts and service
    • Volvo M45 ja V-4 alu (our own product) to all rear-wheel drive cars, such as BMW, Ford, Opel
    • Synchronized gear sets: Volvo M45, Opel F18-20, Honda Integra, Honda Civic, Toyota Starlet, BMW
  • Rear axle ratio, spareparts, services, installation
    • Rear-wheel drive: Volvo 1031 4,88-5,13-5,28-5,43-5,63-5,85-6,13 Volvo 1030 5,38
    • Front-wheel drive: Opel, Honda and Ford

In addition to our standard products, we manufacture custom parts based on customer needs. To see some sample pictures of our products, take a look at our image gallery. Or look for more detailed information in our product datasheet library.